Go Bliss Yourself

Jessica Nile Brunelle
2 min readMar 10, 2021

By Jessica Nile Brunelle

Logline: A cynical, self-help author must face a traumatic past when she returns home to help her sick mother who failed to protect her as a child.

CURREN SCRIPT: Feature length, female-driven low budget drama set in Worcester, Massachusetts

COMPARABLES: Manchester by the Sea and August: Osage County

My super power in screenwriting is dramas that focus mostly on my protagonists’ internal conflicts that focus on deep, raw human emotion through high levels of authenticity and visceral redemption.

In my films, the purpose for my audience is to know and feel deep within themselves that you are NEVER alone instead you are love, hope, and courage. I invite them to tap from within their hearts and carry it with them to share with others.

I write films in hopes to make this world a better place one film at a time through power of words to speak truth for those who cannot voice their own and for a world that needs healing.

Because, we are not alone in this world but how do we know we are not alone without people speaking up for those who can’t. We all deserve to have the freedom to be our true selves without fear and worried of being judged.



Jessica Nile Brunelle

Screenwriting visceral character-driven dramas/dramedies about tragic and emotionally damaged characters who find peace and hope.